One-Visit Crowns & Bridges

One-Visit Crowns & Bridges

Natural-looking, durable permanent crowns in one visit

Dr. Kim uses the state-of-the-art CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) 3D system to design and mill high-quality durable all-porcelain crowns in-office. You can walk into our practice for a crown and walk out a couple of hours later with your new permanent crown. This means one less dental visit and no need for a temporary crown.

Advanced training and experience

While studying at New York University, Dr. Kim was chosen to receive the award for highest hours of clinical work and exemplary dental practice. He has also done extensive continuing education courses in cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery and incorporates the use of CAD-CAM technology such as CEREC to give his patients the best dental care possible.

How CEREC works

The CEREC system gives Dr. Kim the ability to custom-design a crown and mill it while you wait; usually under an hour. You and Dr. Kim choose the shade and shape tooth and Dr. Kim makes any adjustments needed right on the spot.

CEREC utilizes CAD/CAM technology to give Dr. Kim a 3D view of your tooth and surrounding structures.

CEREC’s Omnicam digital scannerEasy, fast and precise scanning

CEREC’s latest PrimeScan digital scanner provides Dr. Kim with powder-free and gunk-free impression taking. PrimeScan scans precise 3D images of your teeth and gums in natural color. These are transferred to Dr. Kim’s 3D CAD design software.

Dr. Kim designs your crown virtuallyDesigning your Crown

Dr. Kim designs your crown virtually. He chooses the shape and position that will best match your other teeth and be properly aligned for a comfortable bite.

Dr. Kim mills your crown out of high-quality porcelainMilling your Crown

Dr. Kim mills your crown out of a single block of high-quality porcelain that closely matches the properties of natural tooth material.

Dr. Kim can make immediate comparisons and modifications to the crownAdjusting for the perfect match

Dr. Kim can make immediate comparisons and modifications to the crown. Instead of sending the color values and intricate characteristics via a lab slip to the lab, Dr. Kim can make accurate fine adjustments to the color, shape and size in the office.

Benefits of CEREC

Benefits of CEREC One-Visit Crowns & Bridges

  • CEREC restorations can be completed in one visit. You walk out with a strong, aesthetic-looking permanent porcelain crown right away; no temporaries and no second appointment.
  • Natural-looking. The porcelain used for CEREC restorations has the same kind of translucency as natural teeth. Ceramic blocks come in 17 shades for precise color matching.
  • Strong and durable. CEREC porcelain is strong and lasting, even for back teeth. Studies show they last at least as long as metal-filled crowns
  • Natural-acting. Because CEREC restorations are milled out from a single block of porcelain, they are less prone to cracks and flaws. The porcelain also expands in the same way that teeth do.
  • Accurate matching. Being able to digitally scan, design, mill and modify the CEREC restoration chairside allows Dr. Kim to create accurately matching and properly positioned crowns.
  • All-porcelain, biocompatible. CEREC crowns are milled out of a single block of body-friendly porcelain and don’t require any core material, including metal.

Dental bridges in one visit

Dental bridges in one visitA dental bridge is an option for replacing one to two missing teeth. A bridge is consists of one to two false teeth cemented in place to the adjacent teeth which have been crowned. Dr. Kim can create a bridge in one visit using CEREC.

An alternative for replacing one to two missing teeth is the use of dental implants. Dr. Kim uses a CEREC crown for the new tooth on top of the implant—a special titanium screw which acts as a tooth root.

Bridges are a good option for people who want a faster permanent option than an implant which is a two to three stage process and involves healing time for the dental implant.

Dental implants, however, are the modern standard of tooth replacement and Dr. Kim recommends them whenever possible.

Read about Dental Implants.

One-visit Inlays and Onlays

A durable, aesthetic alternative to fillings and crowns

One-visit Inlays and OnlaysAn inlay is a porcelain restoration that is placed between the cusps of a tooth. An onlay is a restoration that is fitted over the cusps of the tooth. Dr. Kim can mill high quality porcelain onlays and inlays in one visit using CEREC technology.

Dr. Kim uses inlays and onlays to fill cavities. Typically cavities are filled with composite or amalgam fillings. Long-term studies show that CEREC inlays/onlays have a longevity greater than composite or amalgam fillings, on par with gold inlays or onlays.

An onlay or inlay can also be a more conservative restoration than a crown, which requires the cutting down of the tooth. Dr. Kim uses an inlay or onlay in cases where the damage is too much for a filling to handle but not so much that a full crown is required.

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