Dental Implant Services

Dr. Kim utilizes the latest digital 3-D Cone Beam CT Scan for implant treatment.

Minimally invasive Dental Implants

Dr. Kim uses guided implant technology to meticulously plan the implant placement ahead of time so that your implant insertion requires no cutting and suturing and is fast with little post-operative discomfort. This is a modern revolution in implant dentistry, compared to the traditional method of longer surgery to try to find the ideal implant position which also risked nerve damage or sinus perforation.

The entire procedure in our office

Dental implantDr. Kim conducts the entire implant procedure in the comfort of our office. This allows Dr. Kim to guide the whole procedure from beginning to end.

Dr. Kim is highly trained in oral surgery and takes extensive continuing education in dental implants in order to provide his patients with the most recent developments.

High-tech Implant Dentistry

It starts with high-tech diagnostics

High-tech diagnostics for dental implant placement

Your successful implant procedure begins with accurate planning.

Dr. Kim takes various diagnostic steps to assess your situation and the best ways to proceed. Depending on how many teeth you have missing, there are usually several options to replace your teeth.

Dr. Kim conducts a thorough oral exam, takes digital photos, intraoral photos, panoramic X-rays, and 3D X-rays as needed. He uses this information to evaluate your jawbone, teeth and gums. Using 3D technology he can simulate where your final restoration will be and plan the position of the implant accordingly.

Precision guided implant surgery

Dr. Kim uses the Galileos Comfort Plus 3D Cone Beam CT Scanner and advanced 3D software to view the structures around your missing teeth or tooth. This technology allows him to see in 360º view the exact position of your teeth, nerves and bone, which is vital for planning the placement of dental implants. He can measure your bone depth and assess if bone grafting is needed.

He creates a surgical guide using this software, which is used during surgery to guide the implant into the most ideal position. This makes the implant placement surgery itself very quick and predictable. It also significantly reduces the risk for nerve damage, sinus perforation and arterial damage.

Augmenting the bone level

If teeth have been missing for a long time (in the first year after extraction, 25% of the bone is usually lost to bone resorption), or if you have suffered bad periodontal disease causing bone to be damaged, you might not have enough bone to successfully place an implant.

Dr. Kim uses Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR) to generate additional bone to ensure a successful implant placement. This can be done at the same time as the implant placement. GBR is a process that uses bone grafts protected by special membranes to keep out gum tissues and let the bone grow.

When Dr. Kim extracts teeth, he preserves the socket with graft material, preventing loss of bone and keeping the original shape.

Dr. Kim uses CEREC to create your crown right in his office

Dr. Kim uses CEREC to create your crown right in his office.

3D technology for precision and aesthetics

Dr. Kim uses CEREC 3D technology to design the crown or bridge and abutment (the connecting piece between the implant and crown).

Before placing the implant he uses CEREC technology to scan the area where your new tooth or teeth will go and creates a digital impression. He can then make sure that the implant is perfectly placed and that the abutment and crown are perfectly fitted.

High-quality restorations

Dr. Kim uses CEREC technologyDr. Kim mills the crown or bridge in his own in-office lab using high-grade, durable porcelain. He designs the crowns or bridge to look natural and aesthetic. He ensures they will fit with your other teeth, with the same color, shade and shape. As he can make the abutment out of ceramic with the CEREC technology, there is no metal peaking above the gum line, and your new tooth is fully integrated with the rest of your teeth.

Once the implant has been placed and has healed, it’s time to put on your final restoration. Depending on the treatment selected, this could be a crown or multiple crowns, a dental bridge or a denture.

Our Implant Services

Dr. Kim provides various procedures using dental implants.

  • Single-tooth replacement for individual teeth.
  • Multiple teeth replacement with individual implants or implant-supported dental bridges. An implant-supported bridge consists of two implants supporting one to two porcelain teeth.
  • All your teeth replaced with individual implants, implant-supported bridges or implant-supported dentures.

Learn more about our Solutions for Missing Teeth. 

Implant Consultation

Free Dental Implant Consultation

You’ll learn about the benefits of dental implants during your consultation with Dr. Kim.

Dr. Kim offers a Dental Implant Consultation to assess what would work best for your situation, review treatment options and answer any questions. He works out treatment plan options that take into account your budget and lifestyle.

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