High-Tech Dentistry

High-Tech Dentistry

Enhancing Your Dental Experience with Technology

We are fully equipped with the latest technology and equipment to make your dental visits more comfortable, obtain more accurate clinical diagnosis, and deliver less invasive procedures. Dr. Kim’s commitment to continuing education and training in each piece of advanced equipment allows him to produce the highest standard of clinical excellence.

High-Tech DentistryGalileos Comfort Plus 3D Cone Beam CT (CBCT) Scanner

Our revolutionary Galileos 3-D Cone Beam Scanner captures a complete 360 degree view of the your face, jaw and all important anatomical structures of the craniofacial region. This powerful, safe technology makes diagnosis more accurate and treatment more predictable in all aspects of dentistry including endodontics, implantology, oral surgery, orthodontics, and restorative dentistry.

CEREC Omnicam to create perfectly fitting restorationsDigital CEREC PrimeScan

Dr. Kim uses the latest CEREC PrimeScan to capture a 3-D model of your teeth for quick, easy, and accurate digital impressions. Using 3D CAD/CAM software, Dr. Kim can digitally design and mill highly durable, metal-free permanent crowns, veneers, onlays/inlays, bridges, partials, dentures, implant supported prostheses and oral appliances in a matter of minutes. Our in-office full-service laboratory allows Dr. Kim to create beautiful, long-lasting permanent smiles in one visit.

3D Guided Implant Surgery

Our full-service implant treatment to replace missing teeth begins with utilizing the 3D CBCT Scanner and Galileos software to map out the anatomy of your jaw, nerve, and bone. Prior to any implant procedure, Dr. Kim virtually simulates your entire implant placement and restoration in the most precise position, depth and angulation. With this information, a custom surgical guide is milled in the office and used on the day of surgery to replicate the virtual plan with high accuracy and precision. 

On-Site Full Service Laboratory

With our on-site, full-service digital laboratory, you can conveniently receive all types of restorations including permanent veneers, crowns, inlays/onlays, implant crowns, implant-supported bridges, flippers, partials, and dentures as well as mouth guard appliances with the highest quality in a timely manner. We own a complete collection of the latest ceramics available including multi-layered, translucent Zirconia, IPS e-max, Empress, and feldspathic porcelain to customize each smile based on aesthetic, strength, function and comfort.

Digital Smile Design

With our 3D CAD smile design software, we can digitally design a beautiful, camera-ready smile that you always wanted prior to committing to any permanent treatment. We utilize intra-oral scans and photos to reference your current smile and virtually design the shape, length, design, width, and individual characteristics you want in your future smile. smile. Digital technology makes it possible for you to preview and test-drive your new smile with temporary PMMA or composite restorations so that it matches perfectly with your goals and

Digital Orthodontics

Begin with the end in mind. Achieving a straighter smile with orthodontic treatment can be a long journey that can take anywhere from 12-24 months. We can digitally analyze intra-oral scans of your teeth, detailed facial photography, and a 3D Cone Beam CT Scan of your craniofacial anatomy to give you a better idea of what each orthodontic treatment option entails. We can virtually show you how teeth will move, how long treatment may take, and most importantly help you make an informed decision on which orthodontic treatment option is best suited for your needs.

Digital Complete Dentures

Traditionally, complete denture fabrication process can take several weeks and require multiple fit adjustments.  With our advanced CAD/CAM technology and in-house lab, we can design and fabricate more accurate-fitting dentures in a few days. 

Digital Clear Flexible Partials

Loss of teeth can necessitate immediate temporary solution for missing teeth.  We can digitally scan your teeth, design, mill, and process a removable partial denture with flexible clear clasp.

Digital Occlusion (Bite) Analysis

Using virtual bite mark, we can analyze your bite.  In every restorative procedure, CAD design software is utilized to custom design restorations to maximal comfort and function.

High-quality dental chairs by AdecErgonomic Dental Chairs

Our office features high-quality dental chairs by Adec. These advanced chairs maximize comfort for the patient during treatment and have many ergonomic features including a thin and comfortable backrest, LED light, easier chair mobility and compact organization system.

Progeny Preva for digital intraoral X-raysDigital Intra-Oral X-rays

Dr. Kim uses the Progeny Preva to take digital intra-oral X-rays. Compared to traditional x-rays, digital x-rays involve the use of an electronic sensor to capture faster images of your teeth with 90% less radiation.

High-powered microscope to see a tooth up to 20x its normal sizeHigh-Powered Microscope

Our office uses a high-powered microscope that allows us to see a tooth with up to 20x magnification. This tool has become an essential part of practicing dentistry with better visualization, enhanced precision, and increased success rates in restorative, endodontic, and surgical procedures.

High-resolution magnifying loupesMagnification Loupes

Both our doctor and hygienist use high-resolution magnifying loupes to see even the smallest details of your teeth. These increase visibility for treatment planning and ensure accuracy for even the most delicate surgical procedures.

Electric Dental HandpiecesElectric Handpieces

Dr. Kim uses electric handpieces for all restorative procedures because they provide a consistent torque with more stability in speed which means more efficient procedures and less chair time for the patient. They are also quieter than traditional air driven handpieces and do not produce the same vibrating sensation that may cause anxiety in some patients.

The Wand for painless computerized injectionsThe Wand

Dr. Kim utilizes the Wand to deliver painless computerized injections. The Wand’s computer provides a constant and precise flow of anesthetic directly ahead of the needle which reduces any discomfort to an unnoticeable level.

Piezo scaler to remove plaque, tartar and bacteria from the tooth surface and gumsPiezoelectric Scalers

In addition to hand scaling, we incorporate piezoelectric scaling that emit high-frequency vibrations to gently and efficiently remove stains, plaque, heavy tartar buildup and bacteria during your teeth cleanings . With customizable power settings for sensitivity, the Piezo is more technique sensitive but gives better control and optimizes patient comfort with reduced chair time, even when removing heavy tartar build-up.

Air Polisher

Our dental hygienist utilizes air polisher to remove bio-film, stains and tartars effectively.  This technology is also our gold standard for cleaning below gum area as well as disinfecting dental implant surfaces.

Dental Laser

Dental laser is utilized for selective periodontal treatment, gingivectomy, re-contouring of gum, killing bacteria during endodontic procedure, implant recovery, teeth whitening and more.

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