Root Canal Therapy

Root Canal Therapy

With Dr. Kim, root canal therapy is quick and easy.

High-Tech One-Visit Root Canals

One of Dr. Kim’s areas of focus is Root Canal Therapy. He has extensive advanced training in endodontics (root canal treatment) and has received an award in excellence from the American Association of Endodontics.

Comfortable and pain-free

A dental microscope for complete accuracy of treatment

A dental microscope is used for complete accuracy of treatment.

First of all Dr. Kim makes sure that the area to be worked on is completely numb. He uses computerized injections to ensure the correct amounts of anesthesia and pain-free delivery. If you have an existing infection, Dr. Kim will need to let the infection clear first by prescribing antibiotics.

Dental Microscope for precision

Dr. Kim uses a special dental microscope, typically used by endodontists. This state-of-the-art microscope provides illumination and magnification to enable Dr. Kim to see in detail the interior of the tooth. With the dental microscope Dr. Kim can detect potential issues such as calcification, fractures and perforations.

Rotary Instrument

For faster pulp removal, Dr. Kim uses an electrically powered rotary file.


Same-visit crowns with our 3D CAD/CAM crown design and fabrication system.

Dr. Kim can create and place your crown in the same visit using his 3D CAD/CAM crown design and fabrication system.

Dr. Kim uses the 3D CEREC system to design, mill and place a high-quality, durable crown right after completing the root canal. No temporary needed, and no return visit. Dr. Kim can complete your root canal therapy in one visit, even when you have to get a crown placed to support the weakened tooth.

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Dr. Kim’s Root Canal Procedure

With modern technology, a root canal procedure is a fast and comfortable procedure, similar to getting a filling. Dr. Kim explains the procedure step-by-step and ensures that the patient understands what is going on.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

A root canal is a pulp-filled canal in the root of a toothA root canal is a pulp-filled canal in the root of a tooth. A tooth root can have one or more canals in it.

Root canal therapy is performed to save a tooth that has an infected interior of the root, called the pulp. The infected pulp is removed, the inside of the tooth is carefully cleaned and disinfected and filled with a rubber-like material. Dr. Kim sometimes places a crown on the tooth to protect it if it has become weakened as a result of the infection.

The tooth can continue to function after root canal therapy has been performed as it is nourished by the tissues surrounding it. Doing a root canal to save a tooth has the advantage of maintaining efficient chewing and normal biting forces and maintains the adjacent teeth in position.

Signs you need a Root Canal

A root canal is needed when the pulp is infected and this usually results in pain and possibly an abscess. Sometimes you won’t notice any pain but persistent pain is a definite symptom.

Another definite sign is swelling around the gum line, an abscess near the tooth or a pimple on the gum. The tooth can also become discolored.

More sporadic pain is also an indicator, such as:

  • Pain in response to heat and cold that lasts several minutes
  • Tooth hurts to bite on
  • Tenderness at the bottom of the root
  • Spontaneous pain from no trigger
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