Solutions for Missing Teeth

Solutions for Missing Teeth

We offer many different treatment options to replace missing teeth.

Modern teeth replacement options

Using modern technology, Dr. Kim is able to provide many state-of-the-art tooth replacement options.

Up until the last decade the main way to replace missing teeth was either with a dental bridge for one to two missing teeth, a series of bridges or a partial denture for multiple missing teeth; or a full denture for all teeth missing in an arch.

None of these solutions was optimum. A dental bridge required the cutting down of healthy adjacent teeth so that they could be capped in order to provide support for the false tooth or teeth. A denture has many drawbacks, not the least being only 10% of full chewing power and loss of bone density. Read more about the issues with dentures here.

With dental implants Dr. Kim can provide healthy, long-lasting and natural-looking and -acting new teeth, from a single tooth to all teeth missing.

Dental implants can be used in combination with dentures and bridges to provide stable but economical options.

Dr. Kim offers a Dental Implant Consultation to assess what would work best for your situation, review treatment options and answer any questions. He works out treatment plan options that take into account your budget and lifestyle.

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Dr. Kim recommends the below options for tooth replacement.

Single-tooth replacement

Single tooth replacementA dental implant is always the preferred option as it doesn’t require cutting down of healthy teeth. Dental implants look and act like natural teeth and allow you to chew the foods you want without worry.

However, for some people a dental bridge can be a more immediate option, or an option if they don’t like the idea of oral surgery.

Multiple-teeth replacement

Individual implants or implant-supported bridges
Optimally you would replace each missing tooth with a dental implant. However, depending on how many teeth are missing, this can add up in cost. An alternative is to use a dental bridge with implants to support one to two porcelain teeth. A dental bridge supported by implants is a fixed restoration and acts and feels very much like natural teeth.

Full-mouth teeth replacement

Individual implants, implant-supported bridges or implant-supported dentures
If you need full-mouth extractions or you are already wearing dentures, an excellent option is an implant-supported denture. Unlike a denture by itself, a denture supported by implants is stable and gives you full chewing power and won’t impede speech. It also takes away the need for adhesive.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Implant supported denturesThe problem with dentures is it’s hard to keep them stable. When teeth are missing, bone is lost, so dentures are constantly becoming loose, causing them to slip when eating or speaking and giving the wearer discomfort or even pain.

An implant-supported denture gives you much more chewing power compared to a conventional denture and the dental implants provide the stimulus the bone needs to stay dense and not shrink. Also, with enough dental implants an implant-supported denture can be made without the fake palate covering the roof of the mouth. This makes eating more comfortable and enjoyable for the denture wearer.

Read more about the benefits of dental implants vs. dentures.

Dr. Kim places 6-8 implants in the upper jaw and 4-6 implants in the lower jaw to create a stable denture. The denture is fitted with snaps which snap into the implants at the gum level. More implants can be placed for an even more natural look and feel.

Although Dr. Kim does provide dentures, he recommends implant-supported dentures as a far superior alternative. Minimally the lower arch denture should be supported by implants to facilitate functional chewing.

Mini Dental Implant-Supported Dentures

Mini implant-supported denturesMini dental implants are special narrow implants about the size of a toothpick. They are generally used to support dentures. Due to their small diameter, mini implants can be inserted quickly without the need for surgery. They don’t require healing time and the permanent denture can be immediately attached to the denture.

Dr. Kim prefers full-size implants for greater stability and durability, but mini dental implants can be a good alternative where the patient doesn’t have enough bone and doesn’t want to do major bone grafting surgery. Mini implants are also a lot more economical than regular implants.

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